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Meet Frances

Frances is a Personal Trainer and Life Coach specialising in Body Confidence.


Although always interested in fitness and how the body works, from the beginning of her Personal Training journey Frances did not feel aligned with the expected way of working with people.


"I was designing the usual fat burning exercise programs and supporting people in losing weight through restrictive practices because that's what I had been taught. But I was eating "off plan" most of the time and exercising as and when I felt like it. I hated living in a "do as I say and not as I do" way - I wanted to lead by example and I knew from experience it was possible to be healthy and happy living without restriction."


In addition, Frances' clients were all saying their goal was weight loss, but actually what they wanted was to feel amazing in their bodies, to feel confident, to find a lifestyle that worked for them.


This is when Confidence Through Health was born, a programme that merged Frances' training as a Personal Trainer and as a Life Coach to help people find intuitive movement they loved, food freedom and confidence in themselves.

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